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 Thanking to the historical opportunity, UFEN could acquire great development. Every step of development of UFEN is related with UFEN people’s hope and endeavor. From a workshop-based factory to a modernized industrial enterprise, the development of UFEN creates a miracle, and also creates a mythology of Chinese stationery enterprise development, which likes a massive epic, singing the symphony of flourishing age.   

Developing from scratch and from a limited amount, nowadays, UFEN gets forward to the stationery brand with strongest influence power in China. UFEN needs innovation, including extending from enterprising spirit to enterprise's idea, from corporate culture aspect to enterprise strategic height, in other words, UFEN needs whole innovation. Everything of ours needs rand-new blood, so that UFEN can take a step forward in the fast changing market competition. Adopting UFEN enterprise CIS (Corporate Identity System) vision recognition system just lets UFEN enterprises change all ideas and habits not meeting the developing needs of enterprise future, and train a group which could manage world-class enterprise, in cultural innovation activity. Through improving innovation, our competitiveness should be enhanced in every link of management. The staff of UFEN, especially managerial cadres at all levels, should continue to promote the transformation and innovation activity with bigger ardor, and train our concept of meeting the needs of international competition in the future, management ability, self-confidence, and new corporate culture that could promoting enterprise to row up continuously.  

UFEN CIS (Corporate Identity System) is the embodiment of the internal and foreign administration behavior of enterprise caused by large scale management of UFEN enterprise. Nowadays the international market competition is fiercer and fiercer, in addition, the competition between enterprises is no longer competitions in products, quality, technology, etc., but have already developed competition for pluralistic whole. In order to seek survival, enterprises must adjust and upgrade from management, idea, phenomenon and other aspects, and make long-term development plan and strategy, to adapt to the change of the market environment. Enterprises should also popularize enterprises and brand image, implement the competition of the corporate image, and propagate the corporate image and implement corporate image strategy. We must redefine enterprise's making a reservation, enterprise's management theory and key competitiveness, including internal management, foreign relation activity, advertising and other propaganda activities taking vision and stereo as means, and carry through synthesized spread with systematization, and unity, in order to make UFEN corporate image appear with a kind of unified form, and make UFEN corporate image be promoted wholly.

We know that, only improving innovation could keep the vigor of enterprises, could creates more chances for future development, and could help us to overcome the potential crisis. Improving and innovating unremittingly, is the only way to enhance our competitiveness and surmount the rival. We firmly believe that, history is written by people who fully utilize the chances of their times to carry out innovation constantly. Let us transmit passion of innovation to every staff, and use our warm blood, youth and endeavor to creating us enterprise and realize our goal-establish world-class enterprises with international competitiveness. This is responsibility and mission that history gives us.